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Are you suffering with any of the below conditions ?

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common medical problems, affecting around 60% to 80% people...

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Neck Pain

Neck pain starts in the back of neck and can spread down to one or both of the arms. Severe neck pain is very common...

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Arthritis/ Joint Pain

Arthritis is a common condition which causes joint pain and inflammation. It can affect one joint or multiple joints....

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Neuropathic/ Nerve-related Pain

Nerve-related pain, also known as neuropathic pain or neuralgia, is a condition developing from problems related to...

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Muscle Pain and Fibromyalgia

Even the all-powerful Pointing has no control about the blind texts it is an almost unorthographic.

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Headache is a pain or ache in any region of the head, especially one that lasts longer than a few minutes...

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What is pain management?

Pain management/ Pain medicine is mainly an interventional-based emerging super speciality branch. Chronic pain patients suffering from excruciating pain who are on long-term medication can experience many side effects. In interventional pain management, the main aim is to detoxify patients from long-term medication with minimally invasive interventional procedures and to improve quality of living by avoiding open surgical procedures.

Meet our Expert Interventional Pain Physician

Dr Ashok Kumar BK

MBBS,MD - MMC Mysuru

PDCC(Pain Management) - IMS,BHU,Varanasi

Consultant Interventional Pain Physician

KMC Reg.No: 66580

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